What We Do

Founded in September 2019, The Network of Women with Disabilities has reached out to 4000+ vulnerable groups, so far, through our projects.

Presently, it is a network of 200+ organizations founded and owned by women with disabilities formed to coordinate inclusive activities in Nigeria and the World. We have presence in the 36 states including FCT across Nigeria. Network of Disabled Women membership is 70% Nigerian.

Our passion is on the human rights-based model, which links gender and disability matters, ranging from political, civil, economic, social, sports, health and cultural rights. We are advocates for equal representation, non-discrimination and an inclusive society for women and girls with disabilities. We are also interested in creating greater awareness among governments and the public.

The idea aims to ensure the inclusion of women with disabilities linking UNCRPD, SDGs, Africa 2063 and the Nigeria Disability Act in all our agendas.